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SNaplingo was interesting to me because of the ability to teach using their APP!!

So far I applied, was contacted quickly despite the Holidays, interviewed, then set up for my trial lesson this morning! I will be hearing from them soon to see if I passed. It was actually a fun experience. Your demo is with an actual child and the parents are told we are practicing.

The app had no issues nor glitches. It worked great! I was very impressed with how wonderful the videos and lessons were integrated together.

This is a newer company who only uses an app which works with your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Their main focus is on connecting kids from China with kids in the US. Beyond the language exchange, they also provide paid lessons from native teachers. The pay rate is $18-22 per hour(including the bonuses availble for each lesson). You need to have a four-year degree and at least one year of teaching experience. It will also help if you have experience teaching in the Canadian or US teaching system.

The following is a video intro into the Snaplingo App.

So far it seems exciting and the pay is competitive.

We shall SEE!!