Why I am getting a Bath Filter in the USA?

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Do I Need a Water Filter?

After visiting other countries with dangerous water, it is hard to believe in our ultra filtered water in the USA, we would need an extra filtration system. Before I would have laughed at anyone suggesting such an idea as here the chances of illness from our tap water is so slim it would probably only happen during a catastrophe in which the filtration system is compromised.

However, I began noticing a few things upon getting married (which I thought was the reason for my issues lol):
1. My hair was becoming dry and brittle.

2. My hair was now getting shorter from breakage (No cutting at all.).

3. My skin was now much harder to manage.

4. I now have eczema on my elbows and knees for months and months which has NEVER happened before.

5. My conclusions that it was hormononal is false as I've made dietary changes which made me feel better but did not affect my hair.

6.  The only other change in my life was the move from my small nearby hometown to the main city.

So, recently I set to google. Only to discover that many of my symptoms can be attributed to hard water. I then asked around some others who did not live here their entire lives and discovered many others had hair and skin issues now as well!!

Now, I am on the hunt for a easy to install water filtration system in hopes this will make a difference in my life and my sons (he has rouge skin sometimes and he’s a baby.)

Yesterday I really began a hard search and discovered that bath filters are much more difficult to come by then a shower filter. It is, however, not impossible. After much research and a few reputable studies I am deciding to get a Vitamin C filter system or getting whatever one I can and adding Vitamin C tablets to my water (which is also discovered to be effective in neutralizing certain chemicals in our water.)

I will make my purchases in the next few days and will post the ones I decide upon along with the articles I found backing my hypothesis that water could be the culprit of my woes, and that of my son. (He frequently gets tiny rough patches on his skin and I thought it was our detergent.)

If this works I will become a new person. I used to rarely have a bad hair day, now I rarely have a good hair day. My favorite hair products do no good on my hair anymore and I’ve given into frizzy, unmanageable hair being the new normal for me.

I now have hope this will not be so for much longer!!! If it’s the water the filters will work!!