Thoughts for the Day--Hallmark and 51Talk

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I love HALLMARK MOVIES!!! It is SUPER HALLMARK MOVIE TIME!!! Christmas is a great season for watching good family television. It feels like a blessing to be able to freely watch movies without worrying about what in them will negatively impact my child.

Thus far on my blog I have mainly spoken of my experiences with 51Talk. I have had good and bad experiences with the company. I plan to continue my efforts to thoroughly research other companies as since it is part-time I would really like to make more money per hour.

Companies such as 51Talk and Vipkid are virtually the same as far as pay (many will say they aren’t but it is not so…I promise, they are the same.) In some instances it’s better to work at 51Talk because bookings are easier to come by than at VIPKid overall.

But there are companies were teachers do not compete, you tell them the hours you can commit too and they will plot those for you constantly. There are pros and cons to that approach also. With places like that you are paid whether you work or not. However, you can not just open more slots like with 51Talk.

OVerall teaching ESL has become a tremendous passion of mines, surpassing that of my love for Mathematics and Science (my major is in Math, my Master’s in Education). It is so wonderful to teach kids highly motivated either internally or parentally :) to learn. It is so refreshing to not have to turn cart wheels just to get students interested in learning.

That is where I think we have gone wrong in America. We have codelled the kids so much, we have made it difficult for the teachers who are not naturally creative to teach effectively. Kids are expecting entertainment and the ability to pass no matter what. And in America that is what they have been trained to receive. This is the reason many teachers are leaving education. All the burden is placed on the teacher, with the facade of being placed on the students (it isn’t really in most cases).

In China, the burden is on the kids and parents mostly. This lifts the burden of the teacher and makes you, as the teacher, want to come up with more fun activities rather than having to from survival. I have been able to be more creative due to the lack of pressure than I have in my entire teaching career.

Teaching with 51Talk has helped me grow as a teacher, in a more natural environment. Teaching is fun with the right atmosphere and support. I like 51Talk, I want more bookings, and plan to share how to get more as I learn. :)

Enjoy Christmas!!!