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My son LOVES Donkey Ollie

donkeyollieand family.jpg Donkey Ollie Series

This is our first series to use from the Schoolhouseteachers site.

I was not sure if he would enjoy it but my 5-year old finished the 10-day lesson plan in only 5 days. He enjoyed the books so much and we just discovered so many more lessons, as well as VIDEOS!!

You can find Donkey Ollie videos on youtube. However, they are only small portions of the films. The full films are 30-45 min long and very wonderful to go along with the books. They are available to watch free with your subscription to Schoolhouseteachers - Donkey Ollie Series

The books are fun and engaging with great pictures and aligned with the Word of God.

With so many cartoons taking a turn for indoctrination against the Word of God it’s a great series. I highly recommend it! We can not wait to begin the new series.

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