Magic Ears Update!

by Posh Mom Mel

Magic Ears Update

I now recommend that no one fully commit to working at Magic Ears. REcently I was fired for ONE, yes ONE bad review that I had “Low energy.” They said it’s two strikes and you are out. Months and Months ago possibly in my last contract I received a complaint of “low energy.” During this time I was immediately shut down for a week or two then restored and I basically just had to promise to try and have more energy.

It is ludicrous. I will post images of the ratings I had at that moment. Nearly all for the past couple of months had been 5 stars with the occassional stars less than that.

They sent me an email stating they would discuss it with me if I thought this was unfair. I immediately reached out to my “Mentor,” and responded to the email. My mentor would basically not speak to me only stated it’s the companies decision and she can do nothing about it.

My many emails were never responded too. And at the end I was charged for several no shows that I had cancelled in advance and no one would fix it.

I was on track for being promoted actually, I deserved two promotions based on my OPV. Now to be honest in order to achieve the highest ranking you need to be promoting the company and recruiting. I know for a fact that’s how several ranked up to Magic Master. They started heavily recruiting and it’s part of their job now to recruit. Some of which are barely teaching because it became so stressful for them despite the promise of 100 % booking rates. Many of which have actually quit because of the stress of having friends with things that happen to them like my situation.

My OPV was 9.6 out of 10. I kept being told by my Mentor that I wasn’t good enough to rank up and I had too much to work on. When I first began teaching after the first week I was told I’d be ranked up in a week or two and it never happened. I was actually with them a year and never ranked up to Senior teacher when I completely deserved it. Except I did not participate on Facebook much and sing the praises of the company.

I did not do this because several times I was locked out of my account without warning for the most ridiculous reasons. The first time it was a couple months I just worked elsewhere then they contacted me and begged me to have a meeting and come back. I did to give them another chance because I did like their cancellation policy.

ANother time, a parent said I had low energy, which I mentioned above. Again, I woke up to teach and my account was blocked without an email or warning. When someone finally responded I was told I needed additional training because I had ONE complaint… NEver mind the hundreds of classes with no complaints…

Another time I was blocked again because a parent said they could hear my keyboard. I told them I wouldn’t use it. The next day I taught and DID NOT USE THE KEYBOARD at all!!! I used the touchscreen keyboard only to bring up my manycam and it makes NO NOISE!! They informed me they listened and my typing was the entire class (not true at all) and super loud… Again a lie as I did not even use the keyboard. I told her I didn’t even use it and she never responded. So I promised to get another keyboard and mic, which I did that was more noise cancelling.

Now at this point I had been with them a year and never had a mic or keyboard complaint. Yes, I did have the same equipment. I’m guessing either I never made a noise and they lied or they were so incompentant it took them a year to discover that I was super loud and no other parent was honest enough to report it.

I purchased over a hundred dollars worth of materials and went to teach and was blocked for nearly a week, AGAIN!!! I told them everything that I mentioned above and finally they unblocked me.

THey then listened and said I made no noise.

I feel like I’ve been blocked other times but have forgotten. This has happened COUNTLESS times to people. It’s ridiculous. I enjoyed being able to grab standby’s whenever I wanted. I enjoyed the cancellation policy. What I did not enjoy was feeling like any mistake could cause me to be fired whether it was relevant or not. In my opinion one, two, or even a few complaints should not be grounds for being fired. If the parent doesn’t like a teacher, give them a different teacher. Unless a teacher is consistently getting bad reviews they should not need any counseling or assistance. If they are getting bad ratings then I would suggest letting them do standby’s while getting help, especially since standby’s are so desperate right now. (I get begged daily to get some!)

Unless a teacher is just super lazy, mean, and refuses to try to listen to help offered, they should not be in fear of being fired or blocked out of nowhere.

If you are wanting to join Magic Ears, beware of the issues. Oh also I had so many carrots and was not given my rewards… Why? Probably because they fired me right before I was to get another contract.

THe videos on youtube are true. Be careful. If you want to join Magic Ears, do not allow that to be your only company. ALWAYS have a backup!!!