It's been an AWE(ful)(some) YEAR!

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It’s been a while since I posted!

I use this site more as a catalog of information for myself. I noticed when I logged in that I hadn’t posted since April 2020!!! Covid, miscarriages, Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Delta, Winter storm (Snow for days), the surprising deaths of a favorite aunt and uncle (NOT Covid related) and now MAJOR FLASH Flooding!!!

First let me thank God for his provision, blessings, direction, and grace through it all. It would take me months to recall all that King Jesus has done for me and my family. Fema has been little help, insurance has done almost zero, all glory and honor goes to JESUS and I long to know him more.

Through all of this I am so blessed the Lord dealt with me about homeschooling and joining Classical COnversations! With so many things happening this year kindergarten in public school would have been a NIGHTMARE! Now…after a year… I’m hooked.

My beautiful son is praying for 2 more children and we are believing for two miracle, healthy (spiritually, emotionally, physically, in EVERY way, no abnormalities) babies in the next couple of years. He wants twins I said how about close together and LIKE twins so I can bond with each better…

Classical Conversations is so wonderful. I love the ability to be apart of a group of people serving Jesus and wanting our kids to learn and be educated for their purpose on this earth. I love that our children will earn a well rounded, God centered education. We completed cycle 3 and I’m excited to work on next year starting now as a review because I do understand more of what we are doing.

I was praying for God to help me (as the Biden administrations cut of the pipelines cut my income personally IN HALF). So, a lady came and gave me brand new Math and Reading curriculum which I NEEDED!! Then I discovered Old schoolhouse and had no idea until I was hired as a School Ambassador (just the past month) and explored the content, that it actually goes with classical education! GOd is so AMAZING!! Becoming an ambassador affords me the opportunity to explore and use the content as my pay for the job. It also includes EVERY subject!!! I’m just amazed at how God is helping me stay home with my son and teach him as the Lord has directed me to do. With less pay, every penny the Lord helps me save is money I’m making :)!!

I also joined two amazing prayer calls daily and it is transforming me and I’m so appreciative to God for helping me!

I’m excited to begin work as I may be a tutor next year and post it on this site so I can have it organized myself. I will also try to correlate it with my Old Schoolhouse / curriculum. I can not wait to see what God unfolds in my life next.

Are there challenges and trials and horrible days??? YES!!! (I’m scared someone I know will find me and discover things I don’t want them to know :))

Life is not perfect! But with Jesus we can find happiness and joy until his (SOON) return!