First Commit

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"The beginning is the most important part of the work." Plato

I am a new STAY AT HOME MOM!! I have been teaching in the classroom for 9 years, and at church for over 15 years. I’m happy to announce my move to WeRteachers (links below) and 51Talk.
I’ll be posting my transition and journey along with what works and did not for me. I am so excited about this! I will hopefully leave the traditional class behind and move forward to ONLINE! Why do I want to do this??

Number 1– MY BABY!! He is 2 now and I must be with him, whatever it takes :). Number 2– Legislation is ruining the fun of teaching for the teacher. My sister in law were talking about how many MANY years ago, once a teacher married and had children they could no longer teach. We now see why… So many teachers choose the profession based on the promise of helping others, while being able to spend time with your family. Based upon my experience last year, those days are gone unless you land in the right school who backs the teacher and pushes against the mounds of rules, regulations, and stress. I love teaching, I have had many successful years and reviews until this past year. What changed? The administration. Pure and simple, all that changed was the school and the bosses.
Since last year, I have contacted my old bosses and declared they were totally AMAZING to me. With a new boss and new demands I was all of a sudden the worst teacher they had ever seen.
How could I go from being great to horrible? The only thing again, that changed, was the boss. My boss hated me once I was hired. They hired me because …. I have NO idea why. But were very much against me (YES reverse racism was in effect against me). What I mean about reverse racism is no one ever thinks about my culture being discriminated against but I WAS!!! The school was 99 percent of one race while I was that 1 percent not along with a couple other teachers. It was not just the students (I loved them.) but the teachers and Administration. I went to my Assistant Superintendent and told them of my issues, described my love for teaching and how now I cry all the way to work daily due to the hatred from staff, lack of support when discipling (it was a failing school, very bad discipline issues.), constant criticism, and constant interruption of my class to make me look bad in front of the students. His reply, “I think that is apart of teaching…my own daughter is a new teacher and tells me the same…” His own daughter!!! He is an Assistant Superintendant of Schools in a large Parish and will not help his own daughter?!? And guess what I did not cry daily my first year, it was rough, but I told him I am not a new teacher, I have been a teacher for nearly 10 years, I have never experienced this. Surprise, surprise He did NOT help me. I got my church together and we prayed and God opened a door for me to finish my year out in another school. However, due to the fine print on my agreement (Oh did I mention they suggested I transfer to this WONDERFUL school… I’ll tell the back story later), I would be forced to remain at that school for 3 years. 3 years??? I told him I have been hear a few weeks and I’m ready to go work as a greeter at Wal-Mart and totally leave a profession I have loved all these years. But, God had me. I finished my year in a new parish. Now, I’m trying to be home. Thank you!! Thank you 51talk! I’m believing in Jesus name this will be enough to supplement our income.

WeRteachers is an awesome site for online tutoring. From their site I will be tutoring Math, Science, Act, Test preparation, and Study Skills. I will be helping all ages. [WeRTeachers](

For 51Talk, I will be teaching students ESL overseas!! YAY!

51talk Referral link will be here within the week once I finish my training.