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Magic Earsis a company based in Beijing, China, like most others, they hire English speakers from America and Europe to teach children 5-12 years old in China. The company is highly rated on GlassDoor and even has their very own Facebook group for teachers to support each other and even meet in person.

**Benefits of working for Magic Ears

1.Magic Ears offers 30% more than average market value

  1. No bachelor’s degree necessary
  2. Incentives for participation, booking classes during peak hours, and more
  3. Paid through online bank transfer or PayPal
  4. Curriculum provided for you (as are most others)

**How much do Magic Ears teachers get paid?

Magic Ears Teachers have the ability to make up to $26 per hour and up to $13 per 30 minutes. Payment is made every 10th working day of the month.

**What are the requirements to become a Magic Ears teacher?

Native speaker from US or Canada ESOL certification and 8+ months online teaching experience


Bachelors degree and 2 years teaching experience (ESL preferred)


Lacking teaching experience? Don’t have a degree or TESOL? Submit an introduction video along with your application highlighting your teaching personality. Magic Ears told me this will enhance your application in general as well. If you have the teaching personality they are looking for, you may still be hired even without teaching experience or certifications. (This came directly from a Magic Ears representative).

I am happy to coach, review videos, and let you know what I think, I am in my second month of working at Magic Ears.

What is the application process like?

  1. Apply online

  2. Interview + Demo class

  3. Training

  4. Trial Classes

  5. Background Check

  6. Sign Contract and become a Magic Ears teacher!

How long is the contract?

Magic Ears requires a 6 month contract.

What equipment is needed?

Desktop or laptop computer with a webcam Headset with microphone Chrome browser High-speed internet

Where is the interview?

The interview will take place on Magic Ears platform.

What happens during the demo lesson?

You’ll be required to teach a lesson based on the teaching material Magic Ears sends you beforehand.

Magic Ears will evaluate you on the following things:

Positive and frequent interaction with students Clear and thorough explanation on language points Prompt correction of students’ mistakes Attractive and passionate teaching delivery (**Proper lighting is suprisingly important to this company)

How many students will I teach in each class?

Magic Ears teachers teach 1-on-4 classes. All curriculum will be provided for you.

Do I need to communicate with the parents?

Magic Ears handles all communication with parents.

How long is each class?

Each class is 25 minutes of active teaching with at least a 5 minute break between classes.

Are you ready to apply? Get started now here and join this thriving community!