Applying to Other ESL Companies

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Magic Ears

So I have been researching other ESL companies because I promised I would, and at certain times of the year it becomes necessary to work for other companies due to low bookings. 51 Talk has lifted the ban on working for competing companies in an effort to foster more happiness among teachers. Due to the season of the years and a LOT of holidays, their bookings have been low. So now we are FREE to work elsewhere even for a competitor.

With so many in population in China, I do not see how one company could ever service all students. I do not feel like working at other companies will lower the number of kids they have on board.

Magic Ears so far seems like a company that would be fun to work for. I have recently discovered many teachers work for them, 51Talk and other ESL companies (apparently they were not worried about the ban LOL).

In fact, an ESL Blogger actually suggested if you want to do well in making money, working for multiple companies is a must, especially at first.

So here’s the scoop on Magic Ears. (Use my link to apply!!) So far they have an excellent repuation. The company is new so they have no problem with teachers working at other companies.

About Magic Ears

What does Magic Ears do?

With innovative technology and qualified native English speaking teachers from America and Europe, Magic Ears provides 5-12-year-old children in China a natural and efficient online English learning experience, which allows teachers to focus on teaching English in a pleasant environment.

Getting Started

Are there any restrictions on my location to work with Magic Ears?

Currently, we don’t have any restrictions on your location because you will be working on an online teaching platform. Make sure you always have good lighting and a clean and quiet environment. Please note that some places/areas in the world do have lower Internet speed. The minimum requirement for both download and upload speed is 10Mbps. Test your net speed.

What is the application process like?

Applicants go through the following stages before becoming Magic Ears teachers:

  1. Apply online

  2. Interview + demo-class

  3. Training

  4. Trial Classes

  5. Sign contract

  6. Become a Magic Ears teacher


  • a 6-month minimum commitment from our applicants.The contract can be renewed upon both parties’ approval.

-A desktop or a laptop with a webcam (our platform does not work on phones or tablets yet)

-A headset with microphone

-Chrome browser

-High-speed internet


Where does the interview happen?

The interviews happen on our own platform. Magic Ears will offer clear instructions on how to use the platform once your interview is confirmed.

What do I need to do in the demo lesson?

You need to teach a lesson based on the teaching material (PPT) we send you beforehand. Performance evaluation will be focused the following capabilities:

  • Attractive and passionate teaching delivery

  • Frequent interaction with students

  • Clear and thorough explanation of language points

  • Prompt correction of students’ mistakes

  • Teaching

How many students do I teach in each class?

Magic Ears teachers are expected to teach 1-on-4 classes, ensuring each child has not only sufficient interaction with the teacher but also opportunities to emulate their peers.

Do I need to prepare teaching materials?

No, our curriculum team has already designed materials for every class. However, teachers must prepare for class by reviewing the class materials beforehand.

Do I need to communicate with parents?

No, Magic Ears has a team in charge of communicating with parents. Our teacher supervisors will periodically convey feedbacks to teachers to help them improve their teaching performance.

Do teachers always teach the same students?

No, but students ‘names will be displayed on the platform for teachers’ reference.

Where do the classes take place?

The classes take place on the Magic Ears’ platform.

How long is each class?

Each class is 30 minutes – 25 minutes of active teaching and 5 minutes of evaluating the students.

What are the hours?

Beijing time peak hours are 18:30-21:00 on weekdays and 10:00-11:30 on weekends and holidays Payment

What is the payment?

Magic Earsoffers salaries of 30% higher than average market value. As an independent contractor, your payment is calculated on a per-class basis (scheduled in 25-minute class + 5-minute student evaluation) and is composed of a minimum pay and incentives. Your minimum payment will be determined by your demo class performance, while incentives for your monthly class participation and completion.

How much tax do I have to pay?

Magic Ears’ teachers are independent contractors and are responsible for their own taxes in accordance with their individual tax jurisdictions or state laws.

When and how will I be paid?

The monthly salary shall be paid on the 10th working day of the next calendar month. Teachers can be paid by online bank transfer or PayPal. Magic Ears assumes the transfer fee charged by the remitting bank, and teachers assume the handling fees charged by the receiving bank.

Can I take breaks during the contract? Please inform Magic Ears one month in advance if you want to take time off during your contract.

Magic Ears has awesome reviews. I look forward to sharing my experiences, pending completing the onboarding process.