Staying Fit with Tabata!!

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Loving Fitness

I adore working out. It helps my energy level, brain function, and my spiritual level much higher. Last year was so stressful at the school that I got to where I was only working out once per week.

Since being home, I still find it slightly difficult because:

  1. I’m already up so early teaching I can’t afford to wake up any earlier to exercise.
  2. I also work throughout the day, and HATE leaving my son with anyone. I love being with him.
  3. He’s active so doing intense workouts around him could get he and I both hurt LOL!
  4. In between work and taking care of him sometimes it’s sleep or exercise, I often choose the former.

So, in order to beef up my workouts to lose the 5 lbs I gained during my horror of a job… I’ve come up with a brilliant plan to help overcome those rainy/stormy days when he and I cannot go walking/running together.


What is TABATA?

Tabata can be described as : Hard, Fast, DONE!!

tabata 20 on 10.jpg

So for me I will be attempting to do this at least 2-4 times per day to get in 30 minutes of exercise. I will be posting my most high calorie Tabata finds!