Why I enjoy Magic Ears!!

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Magic Ears Responds Positively to my Blunder

In the midst of the Savings time change, I did the unthinkable. I did not make sure to have more than one alarm set in case of something happening due to the time change. Of course, this time an oddity did occur. Not only did my clock not set properly, but the alarm actually changed itself the wrong way. This caused me to miss 2 classes.

The sound on my phone was also messed up somehow and the Dingtalk, Magic Earso used to contact me did not go through either time. I was very upset and saddened to find out not only would I be charged (which is normal from ALL ESL companies.) But my classes were also removed for the rest of the day (also, many other ESL companies do this to prevent more no shows.)

I was very embarrassed and didn’t even send an apology because I hoped it would somehow be forgotten lol in the hopes I would not be fired. Later on, I’m sure others experienced similar issues as standbys were needed for many classes. In fact, I ended up being asked to do one standby after another once I told them I could sub at any moment.

For this, I was and am extremely grateful. They did not have to allow me to sub, no matter how badly teachers were needed. They could have even charged me even more than they did for the no shows. However, they didn’t fire me, nor did they tell me what a horrible worker I was that morning. But they did allow me to do some standbys in emergency situations that day.

My schedule was not blocked in the future and still hasn’t been. I still get as many and more bookings than usual versus what I open up. I am truly grateful to Magic Ears showing some compassion to me during this time. I realize I was not the only teacher to do this but I cannot compare myself to others because there were a lot of more intelligent teachers who set multiple alarms to avoid this fiasco.

No ESL company is perfect, but this day they treated me with grace and kindness. I am truly grateful and hope to continue to work for them as long as possible.

Thank you Magic Ears!!