Awesome month!!

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Working at 3 Companies.

So this month I have been working for 51Talk; Magic Ears, and Snaplingo.

The only issue I am running into is the fact that SnapLingo places you on a set schedule. Sometimes students are assigned and on leave. When they show back up it may not show on your schedule, this did happen to me :). However they did not charge me thankfully.

Also, you have to be careful and remember why you have schedules a certain way as not to double book. One morning I forgot what day it was!!!! So I missed calls and texts from Snaplingo It would be easier for them I think if I could open up hours daily. I hestitate because they don’t want you changing your schedule once you give it to them. So I’d rather keep it on certain hours and days only.

Magic Ears and 51talk allow you to open your schedules yourself. Although with Magic ears once you click open and confirm you cannot close them back more than twice in a 2 week period without penalty or a mark on your account. With 51talk the pay is ok for 1-1 classes, and good for GC. You can close them anytime as long as a class is not booked. I am tempted to try VIPkid because they are totally 1-1 and the pay would be better and if I were popular I could get bookings at the last minute. (Which happens at 51talk but they no longer allow more than 7.50 for a 1-1 lesson and GC are not booked at the last minute.).

It is a learning experience and a friend of mine is also trying different companies. I told her between us we can figure out the best companies with the best pay :). Work smarter not harder!!

She currently works for DADABC. They are rearranging the company, changing the rules, etc… and she’s getting nervous. The complaints of teachers are escalating. Here is a post from a friend who asked to be off a couple weeks for her dying husband :(.


Dadabc has good ratings currently but things are shaking up with them according to employees, so beware. VIPKID did a similar thing to someone and this is NOT COOL!! (See my other post for a link to that article.)