51 Talk- Taking the Plunge

by Posh Mom Mel

So, much to my families amazement, I have turned down several job offers not meeting my new stress level requirements. If I feel like the atmosphere will cause me days of tears, too little time with my child, or even danger physically, I shall say no.

Do we have the means to make it with one income? No. So GOD opened a door that with his help, will be enough, considering, no school lesson costs, less illness, less babysitter needed, zero gas, and less food costs. These alone account for $1000-$1500 per month.

There are no Benefits, but I feel like God will make all the difference and lead me accordingly. I am not lazy and turned down nothing good, He will provide for us and bless me for choosing more God and family time over mere money. I will be blogging my experience to give tips to those wanting to move to 51TALK too. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SIGN Up for an INTERVIEW NOW!

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