First Fully Booked Day of GC (Group Classes)

by Posh Mom Mel — on  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  , 

This week my GC is FULLY BOOKED!

I am going to update how it goes. The holidays are OVER (for now :)) and my week of GC is fully booked for 4 of my days. In between each class there will be a 15 minute break. So rather than go 25 (and I usually go over) and off 5 minutes. I will go 45 and be off 15 minutes. This will probably end up being better as it will allow more time to go to the Restroom, get a snack, coffee, exercise to AWAKEN(early hours), or even review the next lesson if needed.

I am truly excited and look forward to posting my results. I will either be more tired or less tired! But I am sure it will be a fun experience meeting new kids.

Also, these classes pay a tad bit more for the base pay so that will be fantastic!

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