First Full Week of GC

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First Week of GC

This is my first week of GC nearly every day (4 days to be exact). It is different than one to one classes but when it goes well the class goes along faster. I enjoy the added bonus of sound effects within the books and the ability to move students screens within the class and on the book.

This increases engagement and learning of the material. It is fun and I did enjoy myself. My only tip is to know when to use the mute button! Some kids have a lot of background noise or talk a lot. Talking is good, but interrupting the learning of others is not. Due to the language barrier it may be difficult to quickly get them in line. But in order to keep the class moving, I just muted one student for short bursts and it worked well. He could keep talking, but without the interruption of the learning of others.

I’ve heard some GC teachers complain of ‘Bad students.” I must say I feel they obviously did not teach in public school, EVER!! Bad for these kids, since I have been teaching is still to be compared with my second best classes! If you want to teach and enjoy it, JOIN TODAY!!

Depending on your time zone it is totally doable before other jobs.


Also, if you join now, you will receive a $50 sign on bonus.