An Awesome 51Talk Experience

by Posh Mom Mel

51Talk - Week 1 Title

Loving It!

I am loving teaching these kids. So far I have completed the teaching of 20 classes this week (10 hours) and not one child or adult was rude or disrespectful. Was I a perfect teacher? NO! I made mistakes; and kindly asked them to forgive me as I was a new teacher. My results were all good ratings! I was a little scared as I read many reviews of bad ratings for no reason. However, I am now believing that if you will be happy, supportive, and praise them often they will enjoy the time you spend together. For years I have taught so many students, many of whom were not desirous of learning. Students who want to learn, make me want to teach! Today I plan to go get a few more props, I actually have plenty since I have a baby! I have always enjoyed teaching but came to despise all the headache and paperwork bestowed on the teacher, while more and more responsibility is taken off the student. At 51Talk the lessons are complete and differentiated for the teacher. This benefits both the student and the teacher. You will actually get to teach for 25 minutes with little distraction. (Children are children in all cultures :))