51 Talk is great but the New program brings Technical Issues.

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Join today, but be careful to screenshot ALL THINGS 51 Talk.

So here is some advice for new 51 Talk representatives. Screen shot like CRAZZY!! Why do you ask? Because apparently they automatically make it your fault and assume you are lying. This is not cool, but again, after research I find this can be true for any of the ESL companies.

Perhaps since they are worldwide they are not so quick to trust teachers as the definintely should be. Also, the fees are huge, again the same for most ESL companies. So if you have no proof that any issue was not your fault you may be charged a fee.

However, I do notice on there website they are asking for Teacher input. This is very awesome because in reading past newsletters they have actually acted upon many high volume requests from teachers. They have currently updated there program and instituted a very high tech, awesome experience for Group classes. Like many things, there are many glitches occurring both on there program and on there website.

Until these kinks are worked out, I am screenshotting “the mess” out of my computer. I have been charged 3 times when it was NOT my fault. The site did not tell me I had classes, and so I was charged for them. In my opinion, totally NOT my issue, its theres, but I am new and all I can do is bug them over and over in hopes they will refund me the fees.

During the Hurricane though, I missed many classes and they did graciously reverse all those fees, although I was still marked absent :(.

Anyway I have been paid twice and was paid as promised for my 8 day training. Although I am furious about the charges I am confident it will all work out. My hope is I can get a lot of referrals and make up for the lost money!!!

Sign up today!!! 51 Talk. You will LOVE teaching these kids!